About Andrew

Andrew Achey graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree of Liberal Arts from Indiana Wesleyan and graduated with a Juris Doctor from the Indiana University Robert McKinney School of Law. He is a member of the Cass County Bar Association and of the Indiana Bar Association.

Before starting Achey Law, he was an associate with Hillis, Hillis, Rozzi & Achey.

Andrew began his legal career as a deputy prosecutor in Cass County. He was sworn in as a prosecutor on a Tuesday morning and tried — and won — his first case later that afternoon. Mr. Achey has litigated a wide variety of cases since his first day in the prosecutor’s office, and Andrew has built an exceptional reputation with attorneys, judges, law enforcement, police officers, probation officers, prosecutors, and public defenders. In fact, Mr. Achey was described as the rising star of the prosecutor’s office.

In the legal community, it is widely accepted that prosecutors and public defenders generally have more trial experience than any other group of lawyers. Mr. Achey tried several jury trials, bench trials, and negotiated hundreds of plea agreements while practicing in the prosecutor’s office. Mr. Achey has also successfully handled bond revocation hearings, probation violations, and suppression hearings. He has also helped defendants sign up for pre-trial diversion and infraction deferral.

What does Andrew’s experience as a former prosecutor mean to you?

Andrew understands how prosecutors handle and prepare their cases, and he knows where to look for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. His familiarity with law enforcement and experience as a prosecutor cannot be compared to an attorney without the same experience because attorneys without that experience lack the necessary first hand knowledge into how prosecutor prepare their cases. Mr. Achey uses his knowledge and experience to benefit his clients.

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